Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pretty Ugly America

This is a little off message for Mókus, but I was recently accused of looking down on Hungarians and asked why, oh why, don't I just pack up and go home if I find so much to fault. Well, this is what is waiting for me there. Besides, unless you can't infer from the thought, time, and interest-level that goes into my blog: I love this city.


Uncle Drew said...

I always tell the story of how interested people are in the rest of the world in a place like Rockford, Illinois, my hometown.

The waitstaff at my parents' restaurant are always clued into my life abroad, so I'm treated like a celebrity on visits home. Once, a very sweet waitress who was trying to make conversation, said "I hear you're over there in... (pregnant pause)...Afghanistan."

Having said that, I have even been in the position of defending my hometown when it has been attacked, which seems weird considering I think that, in general, it does suck.

Criticizing someone's hometown, country etc. is a touchy matter, especially in this part of the world.

dumneazu said...

If you lived in Paris, nobody would give a stinky poop if you "seemed to talk down" to the locals. That is because they have a superiority complex. Try as they may, Hungarians do not have a superiority complex. They have a built in Superiority Broadcast System Impulse, but nobody gives it much credit after using the Post Office.